Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

How Long Would A Body Last In San Francisco Bay?

For some reason I can't post comments on my blog, and I'm still looking into how to fix that. But this is an interesting discussion which has ended up at VOS's video of an elephant being eaten to the bone by predators within a week.

The thing is, how can we tell how much predator feeding Laci's remains might have been subjected to in the bay?

What's in the bay? What's eating what?


Other bodies wind up in the bay, obviously. There must be, somewhere, people who could testify at an expert level on how fast bodies decompose in the bay. Or at least how fast bodies of, say, sea lions decompose.

Invasions and Extinctions Reshape Coastal Marine Food Webs is one example of an article I found which suggests that most of the carnivorous activity in the bay comes from "filter feeders" like shellfish. The summary states that 70 percent of extinctions come from the top of the food chain (top predators and other carnivores).

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